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* Wang Xinghong Laoshi of 真极武道 Zhēn jí wǔdào: Chinese Internal Arts Advisor.
* Hirokazu Narumi Sensei: Okinawan Budo Culture Advisor.
* Fu-Shing Chen Sensei / President: World Karate Masters Federation Advisor / Consultant.
* Darren Blanch: IVSMA Digital Arts Advisor / Contributor.


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* Editor & Publisher: Ron Goninon


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* Assistant Editor: David Black

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* Wang Xinghong Laoshi of 真极武道 Zhēn jí wǔdào:

The World Karate Masters Federation.

“Tao Martial Arts and Lifestyle Magazine is a magazine operated by true martial arts lovers and enthusiasts. The genuine passion and in-depth knowledge of the editing team determine’s that this magazine is an elite magazine in world martial arts circles that is able to evaluate and value real treasures in each kind of martial arts. I suggest all real martial artists in the world subscribe to this magazine and all top-level martial arts Grandmasters submit articles to it or accept interview invitations from it. The world martial arts circles are not somebody else but you and me. All of Us contribute to it, it’s a more beautiful, more helpful, and kinder world. And Tao Martial Artist and Lifestyle magazine is the media to help All of us achieve success in this purpose”
Wang Xinghong Laoshi of 真极武道 Zhēn jí wǔdào
“I have been teaching Ving Tsun Gung Fu for over 35 years. In my time I have always been an admirer of traditional based martial arts. Tao Magazine brings some of the very best together in a high-quality magazine that reignites my interest in the arts. Full credits to Ron Goninon for his time and effort in producing such a high standard of reading”
John Smith: Ving Tsun Gungfu Australia
“Tao Martial Arts Magazine of Australia: An Exceptional New Website Tao Martial Arts Magazine has long been a symbol of martial arts excellence, and their recent website launch, taomartialarts-mag.com, is excellent. This revamped online platform is a treasure trove of knowledge for martial arts enthusiasts, introducing the rich world of traditional martial arts to the digital age. At the heart of this website are highly skilled traditional masters guiding the magazine. These masters bring extensive knowledge and experience, dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional martial arts. Their expertise is evident throughout the website, driving its success. What distinguishes Tao Martial Arts Magazine is its unwavering commitment to showcasing lesser-known yet immensely talented martial artists. In an era where commercialization often overshadows authenticity, Tao Magazine remains loyal to martial arts’ core principles: discipline, artistry, and culture. It’s heartening to see a platform that shines a well-deserved spotlight on martial artists who may otherwise remain unnoticed. The website’s design is clean and user-friendly, making it accessible to martial arts enthusiasts of all backgrounds and experience levels. I hope they continue for many generations to come bringing content like this worldwide”
Neil Andrew Ripski Sifu: Red Jade Martial Arts
“Hard work and much time goes into putting a magazine together by the people dedicated in promoting the martial arts. Just like everything else in the world, gone are magazine stands and posting letters. This magazine will become more and more popular. Keep up the good work”
George Adams Hanshi: BKJ Martial Arts

I wish to commend  Ron Goninon for his undertaking of this great magazine presenting multiple facets of the Martial Art ways & cultures. I look forward to reading about fellow friends & colleagues around the world in their varied Martial Art journeys.
This magazine will help unite the Brotherhood of Martial Artists around the world in the spirit & purpose as the famed Chin Woo Athletic Association 精武體育會 has!
Master Mitchell Mayberry: Bak Fu Martial Arts Kenpo – Karate – Kobudo – Tae Kwon Do – Hapkido – Kung Fu – Kali/Escrima – DTS

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