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Tao Martial Arts & Lifestyle Magazine grew out of a small publication of Peter Love and was originally known as the “Martial Dragon”.
Peter visited Australia in 2019 to train with Ron Goninan, a Chinese Fuzhou Crane Stylist, and after some discussion, Ron suggested that the name could be changed to “Tao Martial Arts & Lifestyle Magazine” and thus the Tao Magazine was born. In 2023, after some 20 Issues of Tao, Peter Love retired from the position of Owner and Publisher and handed the reigns over to Ron Goninan who is now the Magazine’s Editor and Publisher.
Tao Martial Arts & Lifestyle is a “breath of fresh air” … A totally unique and highly professional approach to Martial Arts Magazine publishing!

Our Aim!

Our aim is simple! To serve the worldwide Martial Arts Community!

Informative Articles & Interviews!

We want to place a greater focus on the lesser-known arts. We exist to promote all people and arts! We want to shine a light on all styles and teachers and not just the usual “celebrity” types that appear over and over in most of the other magazines!



A truly vibrant, easy-to-read design that highlights the views, Martial Arts training, and viewpoints of those who feature in Tao Magazine!

Feature Articles!

Tao Martial Arts Magazine seeks to have an in-depth feature cover and article highlighting Martial Arts & Healing Arts in every issue!

Totally Free!

Every new issue of Tao Martial Arts & Lifestyle Magazine is 100% Free! Why?  ….. We believe the Martial & Healings are giving arts for all!

Become a part of Tao Magazine!

Tao Martial Arts & Lifestyle Magazine is your Magazine!

Join us and write for Tao Magazine, Send in your letters, your news and happenings, your viewpoints, and your articles. Know someone who would be great for a Feature Article or Interview??? Then please contact us and let us know!

Tao Martial Arts & Lifestyle Magazine:

By Martial Artists for Martial Artists!

 Tao: Is your Magazine!