How to submit your Articles & Items to Tao Magazine!

We invite you to write an article about your approach to martial arts, what you teach and how you teach it, your history in the arts, the history of your school etc.
When submitting your article to Tao Magazine we ask you to do so in:
* Word Format or Publisher.
* Preferably in Calibri Font Size 12.
* In Square Paragraph setting.  
All images should be sent via email instead of Facebook Messenger as the images submitted will be in higher quality. Images should be:
* Jpeg or PNG format, and of suitable Resolution for Publication, ideally 300dpi.
* All images should be labeled as to their content or with a caption included.
* All Logo Images should be without a background (clear) PNG format so we can place it within the heading images for your articles.
When submitting your articles, items etc, please ensure that you have:
* Checked all spelling  (Names, places, people, martial arts terms).
* If you are using Martial Arts Terms in Kanji / Hanzi or other language format, please check that all terms and terminology are written correctly.
* Checked all grammar.
By doing this, you save us a great deal of time in editing and type-setting your article, interview etc.
Please make sure all links:
* Are correct and working. This includes email addresses, website URL’s and or Youtube Video links.
Your articles can be as long as you wish. If it’s a large article we can break it down over a couple of issues!
We offer each writer ‘Free Adverts’ for the issue your article appears in. These can be in ‘Half Page’ or ‘Full Page’ depending on the space available within that issue of Tao Magazine. All Adverts must be:
* A decent draft or mock-up of the advert on your school.
* Include your school’s contact details and crest / logo.
The deadline for each issue will be at least 1 month prior to the Issue advertised, release date or month. Any submission received after this will be held over for publication in a suitable future issue.
If you have any questions, please direct them to me, care of:
Tao Martial Arts & Lifestyle Magazine would love to do an interview or have you write an article for our future issues. Please do get in touch with me!
Many thanks ~ Ron Goninon